Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Farm Fun

As part of my farm internship, I have to write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper about something agriculture related. If my letter gets published, my hosts will take me out to eat at any restaurant of my choosing. This is a pretty sweet arrangement considering our proximity to major cities (D.C., Baltimore, Annapolis...)

As soon as I heard this, I got right on it.

The article I chose is about chickens and backyard coops. Titled "Chicken owners penned in," it is about having backyard chickens within city limits.

Here is my response, originally titled, "No more Chicken Little."


Almost immediately I received a call from the editorial editor asking me to confirm my submission.

Now, I get to choose any restaurant I want.

I chose Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore. The farm I am on sells to this restaurant, so I can be assured that the food is of the highest quality, and that the chef emphasizes local, sustainable, delicious food.

Check out Woodberry Kitchen's menu, and suggest something to me in the comments section.

We recently sold them a whole hog, so I want to get something porky. Also, they buy our eggs and carrots, as well as other seasonal items we have throughout the year.