Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Social Media

Hello Internet world,

I have been very busy recently. Not only do I work two jobs, I recently became the new Editorial Intern for Food52. (Yay me!)

What this means. I work seven days a week, and I have had almost no time for proper food adventures.

Yes I am still eating food.

No I haven't been taking any pictures of it.

I'm sorry that this blog, and all of you, have to suffer.


Anyway, the good news is, that you can follow Eat The Internet (aka ETI) on Facebook. This is a place that I will still post things, whether they are just cool things I've found, or food that I'm eating.

Eat The Internet of Facebook!

Also, keep a lookout for William Widmaier on Food 52.

I have been in charge of Recipe of the Day, as well as pitching story ideas and recipe roundups (menu ideas). What are those you ask? Check out the site and see for yourself!

My most recent article is about Ovens. Exciting, I know! 

Thank you all, and when I have some time, I will begin posting actual pictures and posts.