Monday, June 25, 2012

Bonus Shots

This is another exciting edition of Bonus Shots - pictures from my adventures that never make it in a post.

These pictures come from three different adventures: Brighton Beach, Hispanic Sunset Park and Asian Sunset Park.


These first few pictures I took during my Taco Crawl a few weeks back.

This was on display at one of the Hispanic butcher shops. Tripe, cow feet, eggs. Also on display was blood sausage and pigs feet.

 This was on the wall of the taco spot that I got Cabeza Tacos. I thought it photo worthy.

 Finger Chilies. I picked a bunch of red ones and dried them out in the sun.
Tomatillos and Hot Red Cherry peppers. Cherry peppers are fantastic pickled.
 Couldn't resist a picture of this Armenian 9-year-old Brandy. You think these are the kinds of guns that the Russians are selling to Syria?

 Smoked fish and Tails. The tails were a little hard to eat, but delicious and super cheap. Super cheap.

 'Surf Clams.' When these are local, they are delicious in chowder. Fat and sweet with plenty of meat.

Dragon Fruit. There are two varieties, pink fleshed and white fleshed. It is a very delicate flavor. Dragon Fruit grow on a cactus that only flowers at night. Nocturnal birds and Lunar moths pollinate the flowers.

Stay tuned for more Bonus Shots. Every food adventure produces extras!

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