Thursday, June 28, 2012

Black Hog Barbeque - High on the Hog

Barbeque season is obviously in full effect. It has been for weeks.

Grilling food brings everyone back to caveman days and primal instincts. But actual barbeque is different than backyard grilling. For the real stuff, most people have to go to a tried and true BBQ restaurant.

I got the BBQ itch and needed a fix.

Under the assumption that everyone likes to look at pictures of slow roasted, smoked and barbequed meats, I give to you, Black Hog BBQ in Frederick MD.

First up is the Arkansas Beef BBQ sandwich. I went for lunch with friends, and this sandwich looked particularly delicious and meaty; not what I ordered, but worthy of a picture.

Yeah this sandwich looks good. Thick cut, tender chunks of saucy meat. (sounds kind of like a dog food commercial) 
Described as "sweet, meaty, smokey and well spiced."

Those of you reading this and looking at these pictures might be near Black Hog, and many of you may not ever be near Black Hog. That's okay. This is more like food porn than just a recommendation for a restaurant - although it is that too.

Next up is my actual platter. I got Carolina chopped BBQ with Eastern Style sauce and a side of pork and beans. Yeahhhh.
This sandwich was fantastic. Forget pulled pork sopping with sickly sweet "bbq" sauce. This tangy vinegar and tomato based sauce worked really well with the fine textured chopped pork. The bracing acidity of the sauce kept the fat in check and didn't overwhelm the taste of pork.

The beans were also really top-notch. You can really taste the bacon and the beans in this one.

I threw some pickles and extra sauce on the sandwich before snapping this next pic - great call. You may also spot the cornbread in the background; also delicious. Thick and sweet, not too wet or dry, it was fantastic with a fork full of beans on it.

Yeah boyyyy.

You can bet this is not the last BBQ post for this summer.

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