Monday, June 18, 2012

Go Nuts, Doughnuts!

Check out these freaking awesome donuts!

Doughnut spot Fractured Prune churns out these hot, sweet treats in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey, headquartering in Ocean City, MD.

Choose from fifteen different glazes including banana, mocha, caramel and blueberry and you'll have seven toppings to contemplate. There are even three different types of sugar: powdered, granulated, and cinnamon sugar.

By the way, the donuts are fresh fried, so you can bet that those chocolate chips are going to melt right into your raspberry glaze and coconut. (That sounds good, I know what my next doughnut is going to be.)

There is a big list of specialty doughnuts, but you can mix and match as you see fit.

This first doughnut is the "French Toast," honey glaze with cinnamon sugar on top. From the list.
 This was a great intro for the rest of the donuts. It kept my attention without demanding it. The honey glaze melted onto the plate, offering an opportunity to dip my doughnut pizza-grease style (wait, not everybody dips their pizza in the extra grease?)

This my friends, is the peanut butter cup.
This was awesome. Hot peanut butter glaze and melting mini chocolate chips made this doughnut a real winner. It was a straight pick from the list, "Peanut Butter Cup," and it certainly lived up to its name. Next time, I'll bring my own crushed up pretzels because it sounds like the only possible thing that would make this doughnut better. (Besides maybe candied bacon bits. Just saying.)

This next one is my own creation. Lemon glaze with coconut and graham cracker crumbs. I love lemon desserts, and this combination just sounded good to me.

It was a good doughnut, and I really like the lemon glaze, but I think that next time I'll leave out the grahams. Maybe add some peanuts or chocolate chips. One of the fun parts about coming to FP is that you can mix and match, and inevitably you are going to go overboard.

Fractured Prune also sells breakfast sandwiches, and various other items depending where you go. Most will also offer a "hole in one" doughnut with a scoop of ice cream in the middle.

So, look it up, and if you're ever nearby one of these fine establishments, stop in and get half a dozen or so. Don't lose your mind reading the menu, just pick a couple from the list and make up your own.

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