Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Soup Dumplings

Ever had a soup dumpling? If you have, your mouth is probably watering right now. If you have not, there is one more thing to add to your bucket list.

I could write a new post every day with a different kind of dumpling and dumpling derivative and never repeat a post for a year.

Soup dumplings are a kind of dumpling that has soup inside of it in addition to the main morsel. Arriving in bamboo steamers, they should be eaten hot and quickly. Often with the options are pork or 'seafood' which is supposed to be a crab based flavor. I always find that the pork dumplings are far superior.

The dumplings above are from Joe's Shanghai on Pell st. in Manhattan's Chinatown. I've found that these are the best. Joe's dumplings are always good. The fatty broth in the pork dumplings is a perfect balance of flavor, the dough used has excellent consistency and is never too thick or too thin. The meaty inside has a great pork taste, doesn't fall apart, isn't a glutenous ball, and is perfect after you've slurped the soup.

I don't really suggest the seafood dumplings, they really just are not as good as the pork.

Serve with vinegar and hot chili oil, add a side order of scallion pancakes, and you are certainly in for an excellent meal or snack.


Zelda said...

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

I love the info Will. Keep it coming. Jan