Friday, January 28, 2011


This is a sour orange tree in Mexico that I picked from. It was growing in a friends driveway, and I used it for an excellent vinaigrette for fish tacos, and I also used some of the orange juice and peel to flavor some black beans.

On that note, I love citrus. I describe it as my favorite fruit group and for good reason. So many phenomenal things can be made with citrus or you can just eat it as is.

Recently I discovered Cocktail Grapefruits. These smaller than average grapefruits are ridiculously good. First of all, I love regular grapefruit, and I peel and eat them like oranges. But cocktail grapefruit is an entirely different animal than the ruby reds or the white grapefruit. A sweet small grapefruit that would be good in any application that calls for oranges or grapefruits. I cannot believe that these haven't shown up on my radar before.

The words I would use to describe them would not do this sweet not-so-tangy grapefruit justice. Go get one.

Also, it's blood orange season, and Cara Cara orange season as well so maybe it's time we make a tropical fruit salad; or maybe a outrageous ceviche.

Go out and find them. The season is short but sweet for certain.

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