Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I can't get enough mushrooms. I'll post about mushrooms all the time, because I like to post about things that excite me, and mushrooms are super exciting.

Bulk mushroom bins are one of my favorite things at a supermarket. I usually head straight for them (and the hot peppers!) So recently, when I was perusing through a local market, I happened across something that has turned out to be truly amazing.

Stumbling into Union Market  yielded some promising fungus, and I am here to share with you.

These are called Blue Foot mushrooms, and at $34.95 a pound, I knew that these were some top shelf eats. In contrast, the Chanterelles cost $24.95 a pound (when I bought them for this post, they cost $20/lb), so I knew that this was indeed something special.

I grabbed a few, knowing that I could easily rack up a 10 or 20 dollar tab, I only took a handful. At the register, the cashier didn't look twice, and rang me up for shiitake's; my bill came to 90 cents.

Score. Major score.

Did I mention I'm super in love with mushrooms? If they count as a vegetable, I would pick them as my favorite.

These mushrooms smell like the rind on a good Brie. These mushrooms smell like forests with crunchy leaves. They smell like love.

Because this was the first time I had tried these, I figured the best way to really experience them was to saute them quickly with butter and fresh thyme; which is what is going on in this picture.

Oh man these mushrooms were amazing. Just a quick saute and I ate them alone. They were heady and luscious, with an excellent texture; delicate with just the right amount of bite.

These are the kind of mushrooms that make people fall in love with fungus. These mushrooms taste how real mushrooms should. Forget white button mushrooms. Forget them.

Most people remember the exact moment they tried an oyster for the first time. I will remember the first time that I ate the most sumptuous mushroom in the fungus kingdom.

The next time I make these, and I will make them again, I will serve them atop creamy polenta laced with Parmesan cheese.

This combination of mushrooms, cheese and polenta is something I am familiar with, and that yields spectacular results with little effort.

I will hunt fungus wherever I go.


bowiebabe said...

mmm... i'd eat that :)

Christine Cornell said...

You weren't kidding about loving mushrooms. So nice to meet you today. Sorry to be such a high-maintenance and curious customer.