Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Citrus Close

I never officially ended citrus week. I got caught up in all the fruit and juicing and vitamin C.
I would have liked to post about a few more notable fruits, Cara-Cara oranges, for instance, and maybe kumquats and some other things.

It was fun, why would I want it to end?

The good news, is that now that this super-long week is ended, I can post a bunch of citrus pictures as a wrap up.

These are kumquats, and they're delicious. These little guys are weird and unlike any other citrus. The juice is sour, and the skin is sweet. You pop them whole into your mouth. When I let people try these for the first time, it takes some encouraging for them to keep chewing until the sour dissipates and the sweet skin takes over. They are delicious in stews or braises, and cooking with them can be a lot of fun.
These are a Jamaican specialty called "Ugli Fruit." They appear to be a grapefruit hybrid. The more I look into citrus, the more everything looks like a hybrid. The taste was subtle and not sour. There is a slight tang finish and a lot of juice. The Ugli fruits were good, but not remarkable. I would much rather eat a navel orange. They were also really fibrous and made for some strange snacking.
I really like this picture, and the food that was made with these ingredients was delicious and easy. The two oranges in the background are sour oranges. They had an incredible amount of seeds. The scotch bonnets were pretty big, and were also super cheap (ten for a dollar!) The halved fruit is a Meyer lemon. A sweet, seasonal lemon, without all the fuss and bite of a regular lemon. Some people are obsessed with them.
Anyway, I made crispy Caribbean pork with these things plus some other ingredients. Basically chop up a whole pork shoulder and then marinate in a bunch of spices and citrus juice, then put it in the oven and let it fry itself crispy, turning occasionally.

And now, I say goodbye to citrus week, as a continue to enjoy the bounty of this wonderful family of fruits.

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