Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Citrus Week Day Four: Honey Tangerines

Honey Tangerines!

I love tangerines. Their characteristic tang and high sugar content make them a very enjoyable snack.

Honey tangerines are delicious, and exceptionally sweet when in season. I picked these up just browsing through a store. I can't pass up good citrus.

These two came from the same store, but had different stickers - indicating different groves.

It was cool to compare the fruits, but really the main difference was the overall appearance. The Heller's Bros fruit was noticeably cleaner and sharper in appearance. It's a good thing it's the taste that matters!

I have no problem buying ugly citrus, as long as it smells good and feels heavy.

Try out honey tangerines if you like a sweet juicy tangerine with more flavor and heft than a clementine. The skin is thin and easy to peel. There is little pith, but some stringy pieces may stick to the segments. There are often seeds, but seldom many.

Overall it is a wonderful fruit, and worthy of a day on Citrus Week.

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