Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taco Fiesta

I love tacos. Real tacos. Simple, classic tacos. Gets me every time. Toppings just onions and cilantro. An effortless squirt of lime juice, maybe some salsa verde.

Don't get me wrong. Sloppy Joe style "taco seasoning" tacos with shredded cheese and lettuce have a special place in my heart.

But these tacos? I ate these tacos for breakfast.

Had myself a little taco crawl.

I started out fresh and hungry on 5th ave and 49th st. in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Walked a few short blocks and started at Tacos Ricos. A charming spot that offers outdoor seating.

 I ordered tongue tacos, pictured above, and al pastor tacos (marinated pork) pictured below.

Both were delicious! I would have ordered more than two kinds if I had known the tacos were going to be so good. But there were many more tacos ahead of me and I traveled on.

This neighborhood is full of authentic Mexican food, and the next place, two short blocks away, offered up this platter of one dollar tacos. 

The grilled green onion was soft and lightly charred, delicious. I could eat a plate full of those onions.

The tacos at this spot were good. I enjoyed them. They only cost a dollar each, so I wasn't surprised when the meat was a little skimp.

I was a pleased with my selections so far, but wanted something I hadn't had before. The menu at the next place boasted cabeza tacos, which I promptly ordered. This place was nice, and the tacos were good too.

This is the pig head taco I ordered.

 This taco was so good.

Slow roasted pork, with the cheeks and jowls, fat and meat.

The lime juice was bright and tart, perfect with the fatty morsels and raw onion. 

Of course, I ordered more tongue tacos, because they rock, and dutifully ate them first, knowing they would not disappoint. I thought that the pork taco definitely needed to be shared with you guys first.

Stuffed from my breakfast of champions I strolled to the nearest bakery, got a cafe con leche, a fantastic little guava pastry, and went home.

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