Friday, December 9, 2011

Allium Amazed

Came across this recipe for Garlic Confit and had to share it. I'll probably make this recipe this weekend and I'm pretty excited about it. Confit is a method of cooking preserving something in its own fat. Duck confit is the most well-known. Garlic doesn't have it's own fat, so olive oil is used.

Just like roast garlic is one of the most simple, most amazing things you can do to make guests (or yourself!) swoon, I imagine this garlic confit is going to be a home run.

I also like the amount of garlic cloves suggested for the recipe; 65! The picture is nice and the garlic looks like it needs to be picked up and eaten; just saying. I want to spread it on sandwiches and toast. I want to wrap a roasted red pepper around it and eat it with pork and a fork!


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