Friday, December 23, 2011

Pickle Check

So after roughly ten days, I checked several of my new pickles.

Some need to mature a little bit more, but some, like the onion and corn pickles, are delicious already.

What a bright snack. The onions have plenty of crunch, but without a raw onion flavor. The corn and brine create a sweet contrast between the sharpness of onions and peppercorns. The bay and the garlic are still just developing, but the black peppercorns linger just long enough as I pop more corn and onions into my mouth.

The Sichuan beans definitely need some more time, as the spices haven't all worked their way into the picture yet. The Fireballs I was very hopeful for, but I feel like they have a lot of one-dimensional heat. Their are several different kinds of chilies in there, but I think I am going to add more cinnamon, and maybe even some ginger to spice it up.

Stay tuned for more pickle updates!

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