Sunday, April 8, 2012

April Showers

Starting in mid-April, I will be joining Whitmore Farm as an intern for their spring season. I was just in Maryland visiting friends and the farm, getting ready for my new spring job.

I'm very excited for this opportunity, and eager to learn as much as I can during my stay there.

So you see, I haven't posted since I got down to MD, even though I was eating all manner of Vietnamese, Cuban, burgers, and other cuisines, because I was busy catching up with old friends and making new ones.

I spent some time in D.C. for an art exhibit, and found myself chomping down on a Shrimp Roll from Luke's Lobster, getting some pork buns at a local bun spot, and ultimately eating dinner at Pho14 in Columbia Heights.

Had to get some Five Guys burgers and fries, because let's face it, they are freaking awesome.

Plenty of new restaurants opened in Frederick since I was last there. My friends, acutely aware of my intense foodie habits, happily displayed their new haunts, eager to share with a discerning palate.

I will keep posting. And keep your eyes peeled especially for the Farm posts that will start showing up soon.

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