Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nyonya Love

Malaysian food is delicious. The kind of meal you want to share with lots of people, so that you can order everything on the menu, I often skip the soup with friends, but solo, I planned to take full advantage.

The best fried squid, fantastic stir-fried noodles with shrimp and eggs, deep fried taro bowls stuffed with chicken and veggies, all are must order dishes when I go to Nyonya in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

The menu at their Manhattan location is different (some things missing, prices increased) but the food is just as fantastic. This recommendation is for their Brooklyn location on 54th and 8th ave.

Curry soup with bean curds and fish, noodles and stuffed peppers and eggplant was the object of my affection this go around.

After a Roti Canai to start out, I made my way through a few cups of hot, grassy tea, before I was rewarded with the sight below.

Curry Mee with Young Tau Foo is what the menu called this curried soup with noodles and fish-stuffed bean curd. Available for $5.50 if you order from the "noodles in soup" section of the menu, or for $6.95 if you order from the appetizer section; the difference being the noodles and the amount of stuffed eggplant and peppers included.
This is a close up of the Young Tau Foo part of the dish, or the "stuffed bean curd." It is very tasty, especially if you enjoy the taste of fish. While not overpoweringly fishy, it offers a salty bite to compliment the fatty spicy broth that comes from the coconut curry.

It should be noted that I had this for breakfast. It was a wonderful way to start my day.

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