Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh, Rats!

Have we all read this?

Dinner at an Exhibition

This is amazing.
This is why I love journalism.

I'm not going to be making rat anytime soon (well, maybe), but I will tell you that I condone this meal as artistic expression, personal experience and sense of accomplishment for both eaters and creators.

Maybe this reminds you of a lost pet, or maybe it reminds you of the late-night bags of rat-filled trash in downtown Manhattan. Maybe this angers or outrages you, or maybe, like me, you are both intrigued, jealous and hungry.

A meal like this explores ones own conceptions of edible, which I find to be an extremely interesting aspect of food.

Many of you reading this can remember a time you witnessed me eat something not edible, or outside the realm of enjoyable eats. This is not new behavior for people. How do you know what tastes good if you don't try everything?

The experience of unknown edibles is a high chased by many foodies. To try something you've never had before, that very well none of your friends have had either, can be a rush in itself, especially if it tastes good.

To discover new foods fulfills deep ancestral behaviors - the greater variety of foods the better chance of survival - that satiate you on a mental level.

That's why I try things like goat head soup, blood sausage and jellied duck eggs.

I encourage everyone to try foods outside their comfort zone.

Who knows, maybe you'll host the next rat dinner.

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