Friday, January 27, 2012

Citrus Week Day Two: Red Navel Orange

Round Two! Fight!

Red Navels?
That's not a grapefruit?

I was excited for these. I had never come across a "red" navel orange before, so I bought three of these monstrous, dirty oranges at a small store on Fulton St. No where else have I ever spotted these oranges, and here, at a tiny Asian-run grocer, in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, they were on sale like everybody had them. They were heavy, and looked like they had some thick skin. In the first citrus picture the red navel is all the way on the left, in the middle; it's holding up a bunch of fruit.

Got home right away, and I started snacking on my citrus treats. Yeahhh.

This orange has great flavor.
The navels were especially large, and satisfying to eat, as most navels are too small and bitter.
Overall it is pretty fibrous. I like it, and don't mind the extra chewing. It helps you think about what you're eating a little longer.
The color is certainly red. Not blood-red like their cousins, but more red and less orange than any navel I have eaten before. It is also more red than the pink Cara Cara oranges, and I've seen plenty of grapefruit as red as this.

I ate em all!

Stay tuned for more cool citrus week stuff!

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