Monday, January 16, 2012

Oil and Fat

I love fat and oil and all things glistening and sumptuous. I have a jar of rendered bacon fat in my fridge right now. It's great for frying eggs or onions, potatoes, meat.... I could get carried away.

I have a lot of different oils in my pantry as well. Three different olive oils, grape seed, sesame, canola, the list goes on. What I do not have, is coconut oil. But after reading these articles, I think that is all going to change, and I'm going to be frying some things in a new fat this coming weeks.

This first article led me to the second one. I guess I'm a little late on this one, as it was published in March of '11.

The Kitchn gives a shout out to Trader Joe's

NY Times shout out to coconuts.

 I made a pork loin recently, and fried it in bacon fat. You'll see some pictures soon. (It was soooo good.)

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vallarsen49 said...

I actually remember being giddy about the coconut oil at TJ'S AND I got really excited about the raw cheese. so good.

I was looking at the nutrition facts for tahini comparing it to mayonnaise and it's actually not so high in iron :( so much for using that a step toward donating blood again. BUT it is better for you than mayo = new staple for Val