Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Citrus Week

I am declaring Citrus Week on Eat The Internet.

That's right.

The glory that is the citrus family shall be spoken of on this blog.

Man, I love citrus.
Oranges, tangerines, grapefruit? I'm all about it.
A great snack, dessert, ingredient and aromatic, citrus and all their hybrids and mix-ups are as delicious as they are varied.
I want to take a week to celebrate this wonderful family of fruit. I will examine different citrus, talk about my favorites, and make suggestions and recipes.

It's going to be glorious.

People start to buzz about citrus when blood oranges become available, but for me the magic happens much earlier.

Nobody buzzes about new limes that are available.
Meyer lemons are cool. Is that it for the lemons?

Navels and grapefruits are available all year round, but I prefer when I can get them from Florida. I also eat a large amount of California citrus, which I love. I don't really like to get navels or grapefruits when they are not in season in the US because I think the fruit grown to be shipped far from other countries doesn't taste as good.

I get excited when tangerines start to appear. They are the first signs that citrus season is coming. It's an early season, and I enjoyed the best parts of it. If you think about the fact that tangerines come in different varieties like Fall-Glo and Sunburst, and some, the really good ones, can taste like pure honey, you'll wait for tangerines to start your citrus season too.

Now, citrus season is upon us, and I plane to celebrate.

Get ready  for a new Citrus.
Get ready, for Citrus Week

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